Winter is here and I’m wrapping up for Christmas!


So November brings our local fat stock show and I had hoped to show my beautiful little sheep, however training didn’t really go to plan as my husband had to have major heart surgery, so the dream of showing them faded for another year but on a momentous positive note he is now doing great and we did manage to have a walk around the fat stock show, we saw Adam Henson there while he was filming for country file.

I also saw him later that day as he drove past me while I was walking the dogs he wasn’t heading in the direction of the Cotswolds where he lives I do hope he didn’t get to lost!!

So I’ve started Christmas shopping and I’ve mainly bought from small business to help and support them, I’ve also made lots of lovely things to make hampers up for friends and family.

I really think you can feel like a rabbit in headlights at this time of the year and it can be a strain, so I’ve put together a helping hand below 

Christmas is go go go it’s time to really start thinking about shopping and get organised 

Here’s some tips to help you along the way –

Make a list of who you need to buy for and work out a budget for each person.

Choose a few small businesses that you can support and that will make your shopping less stressful – It’s our promise to make this stress free we will even wrap it for you.

Christmas Gift Warpping

Don’t forget the “forgettables” this is most important!! buy a couple of small gifts in case someone turns up unannounced and you need to gift quickly our coffee and biscuit gift pack is great for this and if you don’t use it you can enjoy it yourself – Winner!!

Don’t forget the kids teachers (I always forget this whoops) one of our ‘Happy Christmas’ biscuits would be perfect. 

What about if you get invited out? oh my goodness there seems to be a gift of everything !!! 

Coffee and coffee pot with Christmas biscuit gift set

Why not take a coffee gift set to give to your host you could enjoy it after your meal that way you benefit too – Cheeky !!

Subscribe with the vibe – yessss why not give someone a subscription of coffee or tea ? easy peasy they will love you forever it will be like Christmas every month for them !!

And don’t forget to buy some coffee for after your Christmas meal – I would recommend the Sumatran for after dinner also I would recommend the Sumatran for the morning after your Christmas party !!!

I hope this helps remember if you want big quantities of goodies from us email me on 

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