Sumatran Coffee

This is intense and great to start the day  –  it is earthy, dark and spicy with hints of citrus and apricot to add sweetness, making it full of flavour and creating the perfect balance

From £8.00 / 2 months


Sumatra is the second largest island in the Republic of Indonesia. The central and northern regions produce most of the island’s coffees. Whilst the neighbouring island of Java has estates and some larger producing farms, Sumatra is made up of small holders. Coffee is a cash crop generally intercropped with others such as pepper, betel nuts and Cassava.

Ketiara is a Women Lead Coffee Cooperative, It has been founded by Ibu Rahmah in 2009. She has been in coffee business for more than 20 years and she is recognised by important traders and exporters in Indonesia. The coop was originally established to help women provide to their families. Ketiara is not just about trading coffee, they promote value and passion to celeberate women in coffee business.

250g bags