Peruvian Coffee

A go to offering – with a smooth, round well balanced berry sweetness with a hint of coco its soft and easy to drink

From £8.00 / 2 months


Before they came together, the individual farmers in the area had no option but to take the money that was offered to them for their coffee by the countless middlemen operating in the area. So in 2001 the farmers came together with an idea. Starting with the integration of 106 farmers in the district of San Ignacio, they got together in order to sell their coffee directly to avoid middlemen and brokers, improve production volumes and to work on the quality of their coffee.

For the first few years they focused entirely on improving the health of their coffee plants and the quality of their coffee. Any spare income was invested into an organic fertiliser programme, technical staff, agronomists to analyse the soil and conduct farmer training and better equipment on the farms.

Premiums from the sale of all coffee ‘Grown by Women’ have contributed to the financing of polytunnels for coffee drying. Previously, coffee was dried on the ground. When it rained the cherries could become mouldy. The polytunnels enable the coffee to be dried whatever the weather and have created a major improvement in quality.

250g bags