Hedgerow tea

Let’s walk down a country lane together with the sun creeping through the trees, the rabbits dashing from side to side and then hiding so you can’t see them. The spiders weave their silk-threaded webs that glisten in the morning sun, the hedgerow is abundant with its gifts of fruit and foliage and there is a flash of the tiny yellowhammer bird.

Put a teaspoon of tea leaves into your favourite cup and infuse for a few minutes to your desired strength or leave to cool and serve with ice and a slice for a refreshing drink. Then sit back and enjoy the feeling of walking down an English country lane in the heady months of summer.

Ingredients: Hawthorn, Nettle, Cleavers, Dandelion, Elderflower

This tea is zingy and fresh with a sweet aftertaste.

Origin: our tea is mostly foraged by founder Emma’s friend Kate, a herbalist and fellow shepherdess, from her farm in Sussex, England.  Kate carefully selects herbs and botanicals for each tea, picking only the best flowers and foliage. When we designed this delicate infusion, we purposefully selected British plants that have traditional health benefits and are packed full of vitamins and mineral antioxidants, which support your general wellbeing.

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