Hay Meadow Tea

Let us take you into the hay meadow where the grass gently blows in the warm summer breeze and the wildflowers grow in abundance.  As the hay is cut, it falls to the ground and lies still as the sun dries it. Relax, lie back with the sun on your face and breathe in the scent of fresh dried flowers.

Put a teaspoon of tea leaves into your favourite cup and infuse for a few minutes to your desired strength or leave to cool and serve with ice and a slice for a refreshing drink.

Simply sit back and enjoy the feeling of sitting in the hay meadow.

Ingredients: Yarrow, cornflower, wild marjoram, dandelion and vervain.

We find this tea is naturally sweet with an intense herb undertone.

Origin: our tea is mostly foraged by founder Emma’s friend Kate, a herbalist and fellow shepherdess, from her farm in Sussex, England.  Kate carefully selects herbs and botanicals for each tea, picking only the best flowers and foliage.

From £8.00 / month