Cultivated & Nurtured By Women


Land Girls celebrates inspirational women farmers, producers and makers who continue to go against the grain by supporting themselves and their communities around the world. Founder Emma’s, mission is to support women farmers, producers and makers and strengthen communities.

Emma, who runs a small-holding In Rutland, explains “we source the best products from carefully selected farms, producers and makers, fair not only in price but fair for the women who produce them this shines through in their outstanding products.

Emma (founder) comes from a long line of fiercely independent women farmers. As a child her grandmother – who farmed single-handedly taught her how to sow the seeds and watch them grow. Emma was fascinated but also saw first handed the difficulties that women in farming, production and makers faced and the seeds for Land girls were planted.

Farmers are always facing uncertainty: Prices, the weather the same as producers and makers, consumers habits and cheap imports and at the time of launching Land Girls a pandemic. But like the fore-bearers who taught us, we are passionate about what we do, and we will always endure.

Having fought all her life to show strength, resilience and independence in a male oriented trade, when her application was turned down for a farm tenancy Emma was determined not to be beaten instead turning her attention to supporting women in farming, producers and makers who go against the grain every day.

Land girls will continue to grow as a brand and be the voice of female farmers, producers and makers and with your support we could change generations of Women to come.

Emma lives in Rutland with her husband Matt and two daughters and has a small holding raising pigs and a flock of Hebridean sheep. She hopes her own journey and those of the female farmers she supports will inspire other generations to follow in her footsteps.


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