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Land Girls - Rural gifts

Hello, it has been a while and winter is long, we run out of daylight hours quickly especially with young children, livestock and a business!!

Some exciting things are happening behind the scenes at Land Girls. It’s not really about growth for me, which is not really business minded I know, it’s more about empowering more women to take the leap into business and showcase their products.

So instead of me having all my own things on the website I’ve decided to open it up and have a ‘collective’ of some other superhero women, more will be announced very soon but I promise you’re in for such a treat. I’ve carefully hand-picked some beautiful brands to showcase the very best products for you.

Who am I? Some of you know, some are quite new to this journey.

I am Emma, the owner of Land Girls, a brand celebrating inspirational women in their journey to support themselves, their families and even communities.

What you probably don’t know is that I’ve had a clothing brand for about 10 years specializing in ladies’ country clothing and plus size gloriousness. 

This brand was born in the barn when I was hand rearing calves. I had a very poorly calf, she was cold, so I made her a tweed coat – tweed is sustainable, British, warm/cool and it breathes so the perfect cloth to warm a poorly calf, right? 

The clothing is made in England using British wool, woven in a British mill, and made by very talented ladies in Hampshire England. 

My plan is to have a small range under land girls so I can continue my vital service to women. 

In other news we haven’t seen the bees recently, I just pray they are alive. 

The pigs are fine, although hating the windy cold wet weather. If people tell you that pigs like the mud, they don’t, only when it’s hot!!

Sheep are on their winter grazing after escaping and grazing a neighbour’s garden but that’s another story!!

Lambing starts soon then it will be SPRING.

For now, take care and I won’t leave it so long next time.

All my love Emma 

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