Amazing new skincare product range to join Land Girls Collective

Skincare Products Coming to the Land Girls Collective

Wow this year is flying by isn’t it ?

How are you?

Due to a good coffee sale this month it gives me the impression there are a lot of people fuelled by caffeine walking around the British Isles!!!! 

Let me tell you a little more about the Land Girls collective – it’s about coming together really and helping each other to form a community for businesswomen.

Some of the products we’ve chosen for the new collective is an award-winning skin care range formulated by my friend and bee farmer Claire. We are delighted to have her within our collective. 

We have put together a FREE skincare resource for you so that you can see if your skincare routines are serving you well.

The skin care range

Claire has been a formulator for 9 years she also has a private pilot’s license and she qualified as an aerobatic pilot and was the 9th women ever to qualify, she was trained by an ex RAF fighter pilot.

She’s a wife to Col, mother to two Spinoni and about 500 thousand honey bees!

Claire is our mentor for our bees and one of my best friends so it felt very natural for us to work together somehow, I’m delighted to have Claire within the collective, I think she will be able to bring lots to the table and help other collective members as well as providing us with a glorious range of products.

Claire’s idea for her skin care is niche and brilliant, she loves the outdoors and when her skin was suffering with the elements she set too and developed her range.

Personally, I never really bothered with caring for my skin until I met Claire, I’m now her biggest fan – her products fit in your bag easily, they look cool and they smell divine and that’s all before you feed your skin with them, I’m not going to lie I wondered what all the fuss was about until I actually started using them.

I haven’t got a favourite they are all fab but if I had to choose one product to take with my to a deserted island I think it would be the cleanser, after all cleansing is the most important part of a skin care routine, it is incredible leaving your skin super soft – velvet by name velvet by nature.

I will send you an email once they are on the website so you can have first dibs with a cheeky offer 🙂

I would highly recommend this collection to all women. Whether you live in the city, the hills, on the coast or in the countryside it’s designed to protect you from the elements and that’s exactly what it does! 

So what’s been happening here?

We have started treating our bees for mites which is good housekeeping and feeding them as Spring is almost with us we need to support the little souls until there is plenty pollen around – unfortunately we’ve lost one of our hives which is so sad they, obviously weren’t strong enough going into the winter, despite us feeding them up. If you remember from another newsletter this particular hive we rescued from a paddock where the horses were eating the honey comb after the tree the bees were living in fell down – we feel so sad about this but it’s natures sharp reminder.

The sheep are great apart from escaping, I’ve put up some fencing in the paddock and I’m about to move them down to their spring grazing, I will be booking shearer too, ready for May.

I let the paddock flower with dandelions because they make a great first food of the season for the bees.

Did you know I use the wool to make our tumble dryer balls? These amazing little balls actually cut down the drying time by 25% we all need some help saving money now our bills are going up don’t we? 

The pigs are fine too they’ve wanted to wallow but it’s still a bit cold and at the time of writing this it’s actually snowing! 

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